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In a disgusting move even for the fake news media, the New York Post decided to post obviously staged photos that involve harming a real child in an attempt to garner sympathy for illegal aliens…and gets wrecked on Twitter for it.

Forget that they simply could have walked over it carrying the child, or removed the man’s shirt to cover the wire…but you can actually see the woman smiling in the top photo as she pushes the child’s hand down on the razor to make him scream.

What the hell is going on is this country? It’s bad enough this illegitimate regime no one voted for refusing to defend our borders while sending billions to Ukraine to be money laundered…but they’re willing to purposefully hurt children to do it?

But what’s important is that our government feels the need to censor “misinformation” that’s true, while continuing to lie their asses off for our foreign enemies that clearly control them.

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