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A gay pride book geared at children called “Grandpa’s Pride” was discovered by Facebook account “Definitely Not Commie Gibberish” to have multiple known pro-pedophylia symbols and references hidden in the pages. Put out by publishing conglomerate Simon & Schuster and written by Harry Woodword who uses they/them pronouns and looks like this…

…the book features such not-so-hidden symbols like the swirly circle which is a known symbol for pedophile to identify eachother in public in window for absolutely no reason. A “MAP” which pro-pedophylia activists (yes, they exist) refer to eachother as a euphemism with MAP standing for “minor attracted person.” On the same very page the book also features a sign stating “Love is Love” which is also a known rallying cry for those that believe “love knows no boundaries including age.” 🤮

Disgusting? Yes…and that’s just on one page. makes me wonder what’s in the other pages of this horror show…

Worth mentioning I had also broken a story not that long ago on Infowars, when I uncovered a pro-pedophile page on Instagram and went through to see what kind of monster would “like” a man getting a known Pedophile symbol tattoo…and noticed the author of one of these drag Queen story hour books had “liked” the post.

Todd Parr blocked me and anyone that asked him why he was following a pro-pedophylia account…and yes, he’s still writing and reading books to children.

Considering the long list of drag Queen story hour participants who have turned out to be pedos and the over-sexualization of kids bu radicalized teachers in schools…maybe it’s time for parents to stand together and ask “Why the hell would a full grown adult wants to talk to kids that aren’t there’s about sex anyway” and start prosecuting these monsters for sexual lewdness with children.

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