Donald Trump’s prophetic words are ringing truer than ever as the radical left’s Maoist agenda continues its relentless march. New York City is now flirting with the idea of removing statues of historical icons, including George Washington, all while grappling with the unchecked influx of illegal aliens amid crippling budget cuts.

The sanctuary city of New York is rapidly transforming, with illegal aliens increasingly asserting their presence. And what is the city council’s Cultural Affairs Committee busy with? Well, they’re actively working on a plan to take down statues of none other than America’s founding father, George Washington.

But that’s not all. The city council is also considering the creation of a reparations task force to examine the historical impact of slavery and past injustices faced by African Americans in New York City. The aim? To explore avenues for reparations to address these historical wrongs. Additionally, a proposal for anti-racism training for city employees is on the table.

It’s a scenario that President Trump had foreseen when he warned that Democrats would come for George Washington after their campaign to remove statues of Robert E. Lee.

As reported by Fox News:

“While New York City grapples with severe budget cuts, primarily due to the overwhelming migrant crisis straining public resources, the city council has set its sights on a series of concerning measures. These measures, included in the council’s agenda for September 19, 2023, include the removal of artwork on city property that portrays individuals who owned slaves, benefited from slavery, or were involved in systemic crimes against indigenous peoples or other crimes against humanity.”

This criteria puts figures like George Washington, the first president of the United States, in the crosshairs. It also extends to Dutch governor and New York settler Peter Stuyvesant and Christopher Columbus, all of whom have statues scattered throughout the city.

Yet, shockingly, New York City still proudly displays a statue of Lenin on the lower east side, a stark example of the city’s rapidly shifting ideological landscape.

By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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