In a groundbreaking move, House Judiciary Republicans have unleashed a game-changing email that promises to rewrite the narrative. The email contains a letter that was sent on Tuesday, which includes the transcribed testimony of former Assistant Director-in-Charge of the Washington Field Office (WFO), Steven D’Antuono.

D’Antuono’s testimony reveals a startling revelation: the FBI had a substantial number of confidential human sources (CHS) embedded within the Trump crowd on January 6. The sheer volume of FBI operatives in the crowd was so substantial that they lost count of how many were present that fateful day. This revelation comes directly from the document itself.

D’Antuono went on to explain that because of the multitude of CHSs within the Capitol, the WFO requested FBI Headquarters to conduct a poll or issue a statement asking if any CHSs had been involved. This was an attempt by the FBI to determine the actual number of CHSs present at the event. As a result of this outreach, they started receiving responses. D’Antuono recalled an instance where a CHS from the Kansas City Field Office was at the Capitol and had reportedly been in contact with their handler during the event. The CHS informed their handler of their presence in the crowd and their efforts to intervene and mitigate the situation.

The implications of this newfound information are deeply troubling. It raises serious questions about the FBI’s ability to effectively monitor and manage the activities of its informants, casting doubt on their control over CHSs who were on-site at the Capitol on January 6. These revelations amplify existing concerns raised by Special Counsel Durham regarding the FBI’s use of CHSs, including their potential involvement in fabricating evidence and providing misleading information.

Furthermore, the Justice Department Inspector General has identified significant flaws within the FBI’s CHS program, such as inadequate vetting of CHSs and a willingness to disregard warning signs that could compromise an informant’s reliability.

The document released by House Judiciary Republicans on Tuesday night contains a wealth of information that is bound to reverberate throughout the political landscape, promising to reshape the ongoing discourse.

By (Not Real) Brick Tamland

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