In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the mother of NFL player Sergio Brown has been discovered lifeless in a creek in a Chicago suburb. Myrtle Brown, aged 73, was found unresponsive on a fateful Saturday evening, as reported by NBC News.

The Maywood Police Department initiated the search for Myrtle and her 35-year-old son, a former NFL player known for his time with the Buffalo Bills. Their efforts led them to the grim discovery of Myrtle’s body in a creek just a stone’s throw away from her residence, as CBS News informs us.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office released a grim update on Sunday, revealing that Myrtle’s death was attributed to “multiple injuries due to assault,” marking it as a homicide, according to NBC News. Both Sergio and Myrtle had been reported as missing earlier on the same Saturday, a statement from the police mentioned, urging anyone with information regarding Sergio’s whereabouts to come forward.

As CNN reports, the investigation into Myrtle’s tragic death remains ongoing.

“Myrtle Brown was an exceptional woman, and I can only hope she has found peace with God,” shared her next-door neighbor, Carlos Cortez, with CBS News. “I never would have expected something like this to happen next door. You only see this on TV. To know it happened right here is an absolute tragedy.”

Sergio Brown took to social media to express his gratitude and share a heartfelt message amid this harrowing ordeal. “Thank you, everyone, for all of your outreach, help, love, and condolences,” his post began. “It’s a somber yet hopeful time, and together we will find strength. My mom always told me, ‘tough times don’t last,’ and her last words about temporary struggles are my guiding light.”

He continued, “Mom, thank you for being strong, caring, diligent, elegant, humorous, and for preserving my art. I won’t let you down. My brother Sergio is still missing. If anyone knows his whereabouts, I want him to know that I love you, and please come home.”

Sergio also issued a plea for the public’s cooperation, urging them not to approach the property. “This is an active investigation by the Maywood Police Department. If you have any information on Sergio’s whereabouts, please provide it to the Maywood Police Department,” he concluded.

Sergio Brown’s NFL journey began when he signed as an undrafted free agent with the New England Patriots in 2010. His career also included stints with the Indianapolis Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars before retiring in 2017 after his time with the Buffalo Bills.

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