Hunter Biden faced a federal gun indictment on Thursday, casting a fresh legal shadow over the President’s son.

In a Delaware courtroom, Hunter Biden was formally indicted on three counts tied to his possession of a firearm while using drugs. According to NBC News, two of these counts come with a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, while the third carries a maximum of five years.

The indictment followed the collapse of a controversial plea deal that Hunter Biden had been pursuing last month. Special Counsel Dave Weiss initiated the indictment, leveling charges against Hunter Biden that included “one count of False Statement in Purchase of a Firearm, one count of False Statement Related to Information Required to be Kept By Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer, and one count of Possession of a Firearm by a Person who is an Unlawful User of or Addicted to a Controlled Substance,” as reported by ABC News.

The curious saga of Hunter Biden’s firearm possession first came to light in October 2020 when it was revealed that his then-lover, who happened to be his deceased brother’s widow, disposed of the weapon in the trash. In an online conversation with his family, Hunter admitted to this incident, which raised eyebrows due to his behavior in front of a child. The circumstances painted a chaotic picture, with Hunter claiming that Hallie Biden, his late brother’s wife and his former lover, had thrown away his gun out of fear for his well-being and the safety of their children.

Federal prosecutors did not hold back in their pursuit of charges against Hunter Biden, bringing three counts against him in the indictment. Two of these counts centered on allegations that he provided false information, specifically claiming he was not using illegal drugs at the time of purchasing a Colt Cobra revolver in October 2018. The third count accused him of possessing a firearm while using a narcotic.

Recent developments in the Hunter Biden case have brought further attention to the matter, with US Attorney General Merrick Garland appointing David Weiss, the US Attorney for Delaware, as Special Counsel to oversee the investigation. Additionally, federal prosecutors made it clear that plea negotiations with Hunter Biden had reached an impasse, suggesting that the case is headed for a trial, as reported in a court filing last month.

Prosecutors say the venue for Hunter Biden’s tax-related charges lies either in California or DC, not Delaware.

“Venue for these offenses does not lie in Delaware. Rather, venue for these offenses and any other related tax offenses lies either in the Central District of California or in the District of Columbia. The information was filed in this District because the parties had previously agreed that the Defendant would waive any challenge to venue and plead guilty in this District. However, during the July 26, 2023, hearing that the Court set on this matter, the Defendant pled not guilty. Since that time, the parties have engaged in further plea negotiations but are at an impasse. The Government now believes that the case will not resolve short of a trial,” the filing said.

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