Tiffany Woods, a mother from New Orleans, has been granted a recommendation for release from a Louisiana prison, as reported by various news sources.

The Louisiana clemency board reached a unanimous decision to free Woods. She had made a plea for her release after serving a 17-year sentence for second-degree murder. The conviction was related to the malnutrition death of her infant son, Emmanuel. Back in November 2005, the child passed away due to malnutrition caused by being fed cow’s milk instead of proper baby formula.

Woods, who is now 43 years old, was involved in a tragic incident after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast when her son was just five months old. Born prematurely in June 2005, Emmanuel faced health complications and was diagnosed with a genetic condition. Unaware of the severity of his condition, Woods had taken him home from the hospital. When her family evacuated to Shreveport ahead of the hurricane, problems arose with the baby’s formula intake, prompting Woods to switch to organic cow’s milk, believing it was an improvement.

Tragically, the infant’s health deteriorated, and despite her claims of suffering from depression and stress, he was not taken to a doctor. Emmanuel eventually succumbed to malnutrition in November 2005. Prosecutors argued that Woods and her baby’s father, Emmanuel Scott, failed to provide proper medical care for their child.

The decision to recommend Woods’ release was met with opposition from Suzanne Ellis, the prosecutor who handled the trial. Ellis expressed her concern over the welfare of future children and the risk Woods might pose. Despite this, Woods maintained that she has undergone significant personal growth during her time in prison, participating in courses related to parenting, anger management, and trauma healing.

The case now awaits a final decision from Governor John Bel Edwards regarding the potential commutation of Tiffany Woods’ sentence.


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