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In a heart-wrenching announcement, the Baltimore Ravens have shared the grievous news of the untimely passing of running back Alex Collins, who left us at the tender age of 28.

The team conveyed their deep sorrow through an official statement issued on Monday night, expressing, “With heavy hearts, we announce the solemn departure of Alex Collins. Known for his quick smiles and genuine kindness, he exuded a unique warmth and fervor that left an indelible mark wherever he tread.”

Alex Collins’ legacy shines as a beacon of light and love in the lives of countless individuals. As we reflect on his life, his legacy of positivity and compassion remains etched in the hearts of those fortunate enough to have crossed his path.

Collins made his presence felt on the field as he donned the Ravens’ jersey from 2017 to 2018, with a stint at the Seattle Seahawks, who drafted him in 2016, interspersed in between.

In a touching response, the Seahawks expressed their heartbreak, stating, “Absolutely heartbroken. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Collins family.”

The NFL, sharing their condolences, tweeted a concise message, saying, “The NFL family mourns the loss of Alex Collins, and we extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family, teammates, and loved ones.”

Ravens coach John Harbaugh remembered Collins with admiration, saying, “Alex was a radiant presence and someone whose positivity shone brightly. I will forever remember him as an exceptional teammate, his uplifting spirit touching all who crossed his path.”

Harbaugh continued, “He was also a astute player, fueled by unyielding determination, and his contributions played a pivotal role in our successes during his tenure in Baltimore. We send our sincerest condolences and unwavering support to Alex’s family. May he now find eternal peace in the embrace of God.”

The Arkansas Razorbacks, the college team for whom Collins showcased his talents, expressed their profound sadness, stating, “We are deeply shaken by the sudden and tragic loss of Alex Collins. He was a legendary Razorback and an even more remarkable individual.”


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