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The nation’s premier pro-Trump super PAC has unveiled a striking ad that chronicles a history of legal entanglements involving the Biden family. This narrative, eagerly embraced by supporters of former Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump, is anticipated to gain traction as the upcoming general election approaches.

The “Make America Great Again PAC” unleashed its latest campaign, titled “Hey Joe,” casting a spotlight on a perceived double standard in the justice system. The ad casts a critical eye on the ongoing legal actions against President Trump, contrasting them with what is characterized as leniency shown towards President Biden’s embattled son, who has managed to evade incarceration despite facing tax and firearm-related charges. The ad’s core message echoes:

“Hey, Joe, why does your Justice Department relentlessly pursue Trump while turning a blind eye to your own kin? The Hunter Biden laptop incident—yes, it was swept under the rug, but the truth remains. The laptop saga isn’t merely a tale of Hunter’s drug-infused escapades. Rather, it reveals a trail of millions lining Hunter’s pockets from foreign sources, funds streaming in from Ukrainian and Chinese entities stained with allegations of bribery and deceit. And remember the assurances you gave about your family’s innocence in Chinese money matters? Well, Hunter himself conceded in court that he indeed embraced their funds. His Chinese business associate was alarmingly tied to the Communist Party.”

“How did Hunter’s associates secure exclusive access to the White House? Your kinfolk—siblings, grandkids, nieces, and nephews—all seemed to profit from international dealings. A colossal sum of 17 million dollars flowed through these ventures, transforming Yuzhou from a financial struggler in Congress to a White House millionaire. So, Joe, is all this mere coincidence or the dark undercurrents of corruption?”

President Biden, currently grappling with polls that unfavorably compare his popularity to that of his predecessor, has been under intense scrutiny as a result of his son Hunter’s abrupt plea deal and its subsequent unraveling. Recent weeks have witnessed Devon Archer, a long-standing associate of Hunter, testifying before a House Committee.

Archer’s testimony paints a picture of then-Vice President Biden frequently dialing into his son’s discussions, including meetings with Burisma executives allegedly involved in bribery and pressuring Hunter to utilize his family’s influence to engineer the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor probing the company. Archer’s revelations have thrown a spotlight on a family now ensnared in the ongoing House investigation, leading him to remark, “My life would have taken a different course had I never crossed paths with [Hunter].”

Check out the ad below:


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