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A Florida police officer used her ability to protect and serve in a different way over the weekend after she helped deliver a baby in a Walgreens parking lot.

Officer Kristin McCorkie just happened to be a few blocks away when she got the call.

It’s a good thing to, because there was no time to waste.

“You expect stolen cars, burglaries, stuff like that at 4 a.m. Childbirth was not on that sheet,” Holly Hill police officer Kirstin McCorkle said.

“I can see that there is no time, the head is already crowning so I just kind of got to get control of the head and she pushes the baby all the rest of the way out to me,” she said.

The mother, Sage, was with her mother heading to the hospital when they had to stop. The baby was well on his way when grandma stepped aside and let Officer McCorkle take over.

“We’ve got eyes open! Eyes are open. OK, I got a baby. I’ve got a baby. Get that towel right there. Can you grab the towel?” the officer is heard saying on the body cam video.

Officer McCorkle’s Sergeant arrived shortly after her. Then the ambulance and EMTs. Mother and son, who she named Chase, were taken to the hospital. Both are doing fine, expected to be released later this week. 

“Instead of a proud father, which I am, I am a proud chief of police,” Holly Hill Police Chief Jeff Miller said.

Miller says McCorkle did everyone proud. She was calm and collected.

“This is why it’s important to have women in a diverse background in law enforcement because I can tell you, I would have been running back and forth like I did when my child was born,” Miller said. 

“Definitely a joy. It’s definitely a huge step in my career, so it’s pretty cool,” McCorkle said.

Thanks to our friends at WESH for contributing to this article.

By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

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