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A controversial Miller Lite commercial campaign from March has resurfaced, igniting a fierce online debate. This revived advertising effort has left many beer consumers fuming, feeling betrayed by the brand’s apparent abandonment of its loyal customer base in favor of an obnoxious and misguided “woke” ideology.

The “Bad $#!T to Good $#!T” campaign has faced severe backlash for its contrived attempts at inclusivity, all while claiming to rectify the beer industry’s historical “objectification” of women in advertising. Critics argue that the ad’s focus on gender and its relentless push for political correctness only serve to dilute the very essence of the Miller Lite brand.

By succumbing to the pitfalls of virtue signaling, Miller Lite risks alienating its traditional beer-drinking audience. Coors, in an act of sarcastic defiance, plans to transform outdated and supposedly “sexist” beer commercials into fertilizer fit only for nurturing hops destined to be used exclusively by female brewers.

Many argue that such a strategy should prioritize quality over gender, selecting brewers based on their qualifications and experience rather than pandering to a politically motivated agenda.

Accompanying the campaign video, a press release further highlights the brand’s awakened agenda.

However, rather than empowering women to succeed on their own merits, it perpetuates the notion that they require special consideration. In truth, women in the brewing business should be celebrated for their skills and achievements, not portrayed as helpless victims in need of preferential treatment.

The Coors and Anheuser-Busch scandals should serve as cautionary tales for businesses seeking to advance political or social causes. The dramatic decline in Bud Light sales clearly demonstrates the financial consequences of alienating a significant portion of one’s customer base.

Like any other industry, the beer sector ought to prioritize providing consumers with high-quality products, instead of succumbing to the pressures of forced inclusion. Businesses should be free to operate without being coerced into conforming to the latest societal trends.

The ultimate reaction of customers remains uncertain. Will Miller Lite’s devoted fans stand by the brand, or will they seek alternatives that align more closely with their principles? Only time will reveal the true impact of this ill-conceived marketing campaign.

Watch the wokeness below:

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