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Republican Congressman Byron Donalds absolutely obliterated the the panel of CNN hacks after the Trump Townhall in New Hampshire.

“First of all Townhalls are for the voters, not for the press. Not for the person who’s the moderator. Kaitlan spent more time interjecting her own viewpoints or her own views on a situation.”

The panel then tries to interrupt Donalds.

“The Townhall is for the President to speak to the voters of New Hampshire, not for this back and forth in the media.”

“We spent 22, 23 minutes talking about January 6, we could have been talking about a whole lot of other issues instead of doing that for the first half hour or so. Let me be clear, what was said in this Townhall about National Guard troops that were authorized by Kaitlan was wrong. I’m on the oversight committee, I was in two hearings on January 6. It was in oversight that Donald Trump authorized National Guard troops on Jan 4, and he followed up with the Defense Secretary on January 5.”

Watch the explosive exchange below!


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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

5 thoughts on “WATCH: Congressman Byron Donalds DESTROYS CNN Panel of Hacks After Trump Townhall [VIDEO INSIDE]”
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