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San Francisco District 5 Supervisor, Dean Preston, has once again revealed his radical agenda with his announcement of new legislation that would limit the use of firearms by security guards at businesses across the city.

The self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” believes that current laws give security personnel too much freedom to protect property with violence, and wants to restrict them from using weapons when there is no physical danger present.

Preston’s move follows the highly publicized case of a Walgreens security guard shooting and killing Banko Brown, a homeless man suspected of shoplifting snacks from the drug store. While the incident is tragic, Preston’s proposal to restrict the use of firearms by security guards is misguided and dangerous.

At Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Preston called for legislation to specifically prohibit security guards from drawing their weapons to protect property, arguing that “human life is more important than property.” However, many have pointed out that property rights are an essential component of a free society, and that law-abiding citizens have the right to defend their lives and property from criminals.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ rapid response director Christina Pushaw criticized Preston’s proposal, suggesting that criminals who steal should place a higher value on their own lives and stop engaging in criminal activity. The recent increase in theft across the United States, including in San Francisco, highlights the need for measures that prioritize public safety and protect law-abiding citizens.

Preston’s radical agenda to restrict the use of firearms by security guards is just another example of how far-left politicians like him prioritize ideology over public safety. The people of San Francisco deserve leaders who will protect their rights and keep them safe from criminals, not put them at risk with misguided policies.


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3 thoughts on “San Francisco Lawmaker Wants to Make it Illegal for Private Security Guards to Carry Guns and Use Them to Protect Property [VIDEO INSIDE]”
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