In El Paso, Texas, reporters covering the crisis at the southern border were met with hostility, insults, and threats from illegal immigrants. One immigrant approached the reporters, demanding that they leave his people alone and cursing at Americans and law enforcement.

The man claimed he was given two tickets for helping his countrymen, one for giving out water and another for giving out food. He then proceeded to hurl profanity-laced insults at the reporters, the El Paso PD, the Border Patrol, and the federal government.

When one reporter asked the immigrant why he was questioning his people, the man responded by claiming that they were his bloodline and that he was an American too. The exchange escalated when a second illegal immigrant refused to be recorded and yelled obscenities at the reporters. One reporter reminded the immigrants that they were in America and that it was a free country, but the hostility continued.

“This is what you get when you get illegal entry into this country, guys,” one reporter said at the end of the video. “This is what you get. You get people that disrespect this country, that don’t love this country, and don’t love the freedom. And this is what Joe Biden is bringing in.”

The confrontation between the reporters and the illegal immigrants was caught on camera by Oreo Express Media. The footage is a stark reminder of the chaos and lawlessness that have been unleashed on the southern border since Joe Biden assumed office. Instead of enforcing the law and protecting Americans, the Biden administration has rolled out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants, encouraging them to flood into the country and ignore our laws.

This incident is just one example of the many dangers that reporters and law enforcement officers face every day on the southern border. Illegal immigrants are emboldened by Biden’s open border policies and are increasingly hostile to anyone who dares to question them or document their crimes.

It is clear that the crisis at the southern border is spiraling out of control, with no end in sight. The Biden administration’s policies have created a humanitarian disaster and put the safety and security of Americans at risk. It is time for our leaders to put the needs of American citizens first and take action to secure our borders and protect our communities.

As this video shows, the situation on the southern border is not only a threat to our national security, but also a threat to the safety of reporters and law enforcement officers who are just trying to do their jobs. We must demand that our elected officials take action to restore order and protect our country from this invasion of illegal immigrants.


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4 thoughts on “Illegal Alien in El Paso Has a Message for Americans – ‘F*** You Americans!’ in Heated Exchange with News Reporters [VIDEO]”
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