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A new poll reveals that Donald Trump is currently the frontrunner in a hypothetical 2024 presidential race against Joe Biden. According to the poll, 49% of respondents said they would vote for Trump, or lean towards voting for him, while Biden only netted 42%. Trump’s lead is even more significant when considering those who said they would definitely vote for him, with 36% supporting him compared to just 32% for Biden.

This result is a remarkable turn of events for the former president, who has not seen such a commanding lead over Biden since the 19th century, when Grover Cleveland was re-elected as a former president. Trump seeks to defeat Biden, the 46th president, and become the 47th president of the United States.

This poll is not the only one showing a lead for Trump over Biden. Other surveys, including Rasmussen Reports polls and those from Trump’s pollster Jim McLaughlin, have also shown a Trump lead over Biden. However, this trend is significant because it is the first establishment media survey showing Trump as the favorite for the White House from either party as spring turns to summer in 2023.

Biden’s approval rating has also slipped to a new low in this poll, down to 36%, the lowest ever recorded for him by the Washington Post and ABC News since he took the White House. His disapproval stands at 56%, including 47% who disapprove ‘strongly.’

This poll comes at a particularly tumultuous moment for Biden, as he just launched his 2024 reelection campaign with a campaign video and a couple of public appearances. However, the launch seems to have been rushed by the entrance of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. into the Democrat primary. Kennedy’s campaign is getting serious support among Democrats, and this survey also shows startling numbers for Biden among his party.

Biden’s position has been further weakened by his buckling and caving away from his original position of no negotiations period. Biden had for months this year refused to negotiate with Republicans in Congress over the debt ceiling, hoping to bluff them into agreeing to a “clean” debt ceiling increase with no spending cuts at an eventual deadline. But McCarthy’s move to pass a debt ceiling hike with significant spending reforms shocked observers and defied expectations, weakening Biden and stunning Democrats in Congress.

Trump also receives much higher marks from Americans on how he handled the economy than Biden is currently receiving. A total of 54% of Americans believe Trump handled the economy better than Biden, while only 36% said Biden is doing better at managing the economy than Trump did.

Additionally, majorities of Americans believe that Biden is physically and mentally unfit for office, while conversely, majorities believe Trump has the mental sharpness needed to serve as president and is healthy enough for the office.

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