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Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently appeared on the popular All-In podcast hosted by Jason Calacanis and made a shocking revelation.

During the interview, RFK Jr. shared his belief that the CIA played a significant role in the assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy. Calacanis directly asked Kennedy if he thought the CIA was involved, to which he replied without hesitation that they were “definitely involved in the murder and the 60-year cover-up.”

Kennedy went on to express his frustration with the CIA’s failure to release the papers that they are legally obligated to make public. He believes that these documents could provide crucial evidence to support his theory. Kennedy also shared a personal anecdote about his father, Robert F. Kennedy, who served as President Kennedy’s Attorney General.

According to Kennedy, his father’s first reaction to his brother’s assassination was to call the CIA and ask, “did your people do this?”

The Children’s Health Defense founder also discussed his father’s plan to reorganize and break up the CIA if he were elected. This plan was likely influenced by the Kennedys’ deep mistrust of the CIA, which had been involved in several controversial operations, including the Bay of Pigs invasion and the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh.

“They were definitely involved in the murder and the 60-year cover-up,” he declared. “They’re still not releasing the papers that legally they have to release.”

“For anybody who has doubts about that, I would recommend a book by Jim Douglass called “JFK and The Unspeakable.” Because I think he’s done a better job than anybody else at kind of assembling and distilling all of the millions and millions of documents that have been released over the past 50 years. And these revelations are released incrementally, and so nobody really takes notice of them. But when you put them all together, the story is very clear.”

RFK Jr. is not the first Kennedy to question the official narrative surrounding JFK’s assassination. His older brother, President Kennedy, was also the subject of countless conspiracy theories. Many Americans still do not believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing the President, and the release of previously classified documents has only fueled these doubts.

Despite the passage of over six decades, the Kennedy family’s quest for answers continues. RFK Jr. and others believe that the truth about JFK’s assassination has been intentionally concealed and that the CIA played a pivotal role in the cover-up. While some may dismiss these claims as baseless conspiracy theories, others see them as a vital part of the ongoing search for truth and justice.


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