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A student from Nichols Middle School has taken a brave stance against his school board after he was sent home for wearing a shirt that stated there are only two genders. The incident occurred on March 21st when the 12-year-old was taken out of gym class and told that some students were feeling unsafe because of his shirt. He was asked to remove his shirt before returning to class, but he refused and was sent home.

In his speech to the school board, the student argued that his shirt was a statement of fact and not harmful or threatening. He asked who the “protected class” was that his shirt was targeting and questioned whether their feelings were more important than his rights.

The student also noted that several students supported his actions and that he had not seen any complaints from staff or students about his shirt.

The school board claimed that the student’s shirt was a disruption to learning, but the student argued that no one had left the classroom or burst into tears.

He noted that he experienced disruptions to his learning every day, such as students acting out in class, but nothing was done about those disruptions. He ended his statement by reminding the school board of the First Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees his right to express his political opinions.

The incident highlights a growing trend of conflicts between students and school boards over issues related to gender identity and the suppression of the First Amendment. A similar incident occurred in Michigan recently when two students took legal action against their school district for not allowing them to wear “Let’s Go Brandon” sweatshirts to class.

Lawyers for the students argued that the school’s policy against political speech is discriminatory, as the school allegedly allows students to wear clothing with LGBTQ and gay pride messages.

They explained that criticism of the president is protected by the First Amendment, and the slogan “Let’s Go Brandon” is not lewd, profane, indecent, vulgar, or obscene. The legal case involves two siblings, a seventh-grader, and a high school freshman, who were ordered to remove their sweatshirts by the assistant principal.

These incidents reflect the need for schools to uphold the First Amendment and allow students to express their political opinions without fear of censorship or punishment.

The suppression of free speech and the right to express one’s beliefs is a concerning trend that must be addressed, particularly in educational institutions. Students should feel safe to express their opinions, regardless of whether they are in the majority or minority.


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