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A registered sex offender was found dead on a rural Oklahoma property alongside his wife, her three teenage children, and two visiting teens. Janette Mayo, 59, of Westville, Okla., the mother of McFadden’s wife, revealed that Jesse McFadden was controlling, and the family had to follow his every move.

The family only found out about his criminal past a few months ago, and Mayo said he lied to her daughter, convincing her it was just a massive mistake. She said McFadden had the family under lock and key, had to know where they were at all times, and sent up red flags.

The Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice said on Monday that the bodies found were believed to be the missing teens, Ivy Webster, 14, and Brittany Brewer, 16, and McFadden, who had been traveling with them. However, the state medical examiner would need to confirm the victims’ identities.

“He lied to my daughter, and he convinced her it was all just a huge mistake,” Mayo told the Associated Press in a telephone interview Tuesday morning. “He was very demure. He was very standoffish, generally very quiet, but he kept my daughter and the kids basically under lock and key. He had to know where they were at all times, which sent red flags up.”

The other four victims were identified as Mayo’s daughter, Holly Guess, 35, and her grandchildren, Rylee Elizabeth Allen, 17; Michael James Mayo, 15; and Tiffany Dore Guess, 13. Tiffany was close friends with Ivy and Brittany, who were spending the weekend with the family.

The bodies of the victims were found shot to death on the property, according to Mayo, who was informed by the sheriff’s office. The discovery of the bodies in Oklahoma keeps the U.S. on a rapid pace for mass killings in 2023 and could push the number of people killed in mass killings past 100 for the year.

The bodies were found during a search near Henryetta, a town of about 6,000 approximately 90 miles east of Oklahoma City. McFadden was on the state’s sex offender registry, convicted of first-degree rape in 2003 and released in October 2020. Court records indicate he was scheduled to appear in court on Monday for a jury trial on charges of soliciting sexual conduct with a minor and possession of child pornography.

“We are no longer looking,” Rice said Monday morning, adding: “Our hearts go out to the families and friends, schoolmates and everyone else.”

Brittany’s father, Nathan Brewer, confirmed his daughter’s body was among those found, describing her as an outgoing person who was selected to be Miss Henryetta. He said she had aspired to be a teacher or a veterinarian. Rylee had a talent for painting and wanted to be an artist and a doctor, while Michael ran track and cross-country. Tiffany was sweet and loving, according to Mayo.

Henryetta Public Schools expressed its grief on Facebook and its website, saying that the school would be in session with mental health professionals and clergy on hand to help counsel students. They also said they would understand if families want to keep their children at home. In a separate Okmulgee County case, the bodies of four men were found in the Deep Fork River in Okmulgee on October 14, and Joseph Kennedy is facing four counts of first-degree murder in that case.

The American people are left to mourn yet another senseless tragedy. The families and friends of the victims are left with a void that will never be filled. They are not alone in their grief, as the nation stands with them during this difficult time. It is a reminder that gun violence remains a significant problem in the United States, and that it is not going away anytime soon. We must continue to work towards a future where tragedies like this never occur again.

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  7. This aticle speaks about “gun violence remains a significant problem” but not the sexual predators that exist throughout our country. Sad story!

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