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Antonio Rios, a sexual predator facing multiple indecent exposure charges, including exposing himself to a child, has been granted 10 years of probation by Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza, despite copping to aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury to Lynn Isaak.

Rios broke Isaak’s leg in four places while chasing her and masturbating during a 2021 ambush. Isaak attempted to outrun Rios for seven miles and fight him off, but he fed off her fear, fondling himself as she tried to escape.

The felon was eventually scared off by a neighbor, but the ordeal left Isaak without the ability to walk for four months, and she will eventually have to replace her entire knee.

Rios, a repeat offender with a growing rap sheet, is now free to roam the streets, raising concerns about public safety. The decision not to give Rios prison time has sparked controversy, with Isaak criticizing the fact that Rios was not even released with a GPS-monitoring device.

Ten women who claim Rios had exposed himself to them appeared at his sentencing to protest. Isaak’s attorney, former prosecutor Kelsey McKay, explained that Garza has repeatedly made it clear his focus is on rehabilitating criminals, but most sexual predators reoffend, often escalating the level of violence they use.

This sentencing is a perfect example of why we need law and order in our society.

Criminals like Rios should be punished for their heinous acts, not let off with a slap on the wrist. The decision by Garza to give Rios probation instead of prison time is a complete failure of the criminal justice system.

Rios is a predator who has shown no signs of being able to be rehabilitated through probation. Garza claims to be focused on criminal justice reform, but what about the victims? What about Lynn Isaak, who was attacked by Rios and left unable to walk for four months?

What about the ten women who claim Rios exposed themselves to them? Garza’s decision not to give Rios prison time sends a dangerous message to the public. It is clear that criminals like Rios should be removed from society and punished accordingly.

Garza’s focus on rehabilitation is admirable, but it should not come at the expense of public safety. The criminal justice system should protect victims and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

The decision to give Rios probation instead of prison time is a disservice to his victims and to the public at large. We need to demand better from our criminal justice system and hold those responsible for their crimes.

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7 thoughts on “Sexual Predator Who Broke Woman’s Leg in Assault Faces NO JAIL TIME by Liberal DA Who Ran on Criminal Justice Reform”
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