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Former President Donald J. Trump arrived in Scotland on Monday and was welcomed by bagpipes, and fans to a country he has a great resort in.

The 45th President was looking to be in great form, and waved to the crowd as he landed on Trump Force One.

Check out the bagpipes below:

It must have been cold in Scotland for Trump to ask for this Beanie, but he pulled it off in style. President Trump was attending a ribbon cutting ceremony for his new golf course in Scotland (Aberdeen).

Giving President Donald Trump and his friends a warm welcome back to Aberdeen at Trump International, Scotland.

The international media much more respectful to the former President than the American media.

Donald J Trump, 45th President of the United States, announced today the start of a new golf venture in Scotland: the MacLeod course, to be built at Trump International Scotland in Aberdeenshire in honor of his late mother Mary Anne MacLeod.

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By Matt Couch

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6 thoughts on “President Trump Arrives in Scotland with Son Eric to Amazing Ovation and Crowd [VIDEO INSIDE]”
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