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The social media platform Truth Social, created by former President Donald Trump, has recently become a massive success. In fact, April has been its biggest month of traffic yet, according to Trump himself. The platform has become a prominent “voice” in the universe, as Trump likes to say, but the fake news media has largely refused to report on its significance.

Truth Social is the only social media platform used by Trump, which likely explains its record traffic. The platform was created by the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), and they have encouraged businesses to advertise on the platform as a way to reach real people rather than bots.

The success of Truth Social is even acknowledged by far-left media outlets such as The New York Times, which has called it a “vibrant ecosystem brimming with activity.”

In August 2022, the CEO of TMTG, Devin Nunes, announced a partnership with Rumble, a pro-Trump video streaming service, to support advertisements on Truth Social.

The partnership is expected to allow businesses to connect with millions of real people on the platform. In January 2023, Truth Social received a record 22.7 million page visits, and its backlinks increased by 233.9% from August to January, according to reports.

Thanks to the success of Truth Social, Forbes has added Trump back onto its “Forbes 400” list of the 400 richest people in the United States. Trump Media and Technology Group is now Trump’s “single most valuable asset,” according to Forbes. Trump owns 80% of the company, which is worth over $1.8 billion.

When Truth Social was first launched on the Apple app store in February, it quickly became the most popular social networking app.

The platform had increased its traffic by an impressive 233.9% by its one-year anniversary in February. Trump has urged his supporters to join him on the platform, and it seems that many have taken his advice.

Overall, the success of Truth Social is undeniable. While the platform is primarily used by Trump and his supporters, it has become a significant player in the world of social media. It remains to be seen if the platform will continue to grow in popularity or if it will eventually fade away, but for now, it is clear that Truth Social is a force to be reckoned with.

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