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A flashback from 2019 that some may or may not remember, as reported, after heavy rains stopped in the holy place for Islam, millions of crickets came out from under the ground, forcing prayer to stop & the crowd to flee from the place.

The millions of Muslims who came to Mecca in Saudi Arabia were surprised by an unexpected factor.

Was this a Biblical plaque of crickets in Mecca? Muslim worshippers left in droves as millions of crickets started pouring out of the holy site after the record rainfall.

There were so many crickets pouring out from under the ground that prayer had to be stopped and those in attendance fled and were stunned.

“On Saturday night I was praying at the Holy Mosque and the insects were everywhere, the mosque was drawing them in, not only in the yards, but even around the Kabba,” Abdulwhab Soror, 64, told The National.

“I’ve been living in Makkah my whole life, I’ve never witnessed something like this before,” he added.

The Holy City Of Makkah Swarmed By The Black Crickets – Never Happened Before! Is This An Another Sign Of End Times?

The Emirate Of Makkah Province in a statement released on Twitter, announced that it appoints a 22 teams of almost 130 members to tackle the issue, “bearing in mind the safety and comfort of pilgrims.”

Check out the videos below:

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By (Not Real) Brick Tamland

I'm only doing this because #CNN sucks!

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