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President Trump was in attendance for the UFC’s 287 PPV in Miami, FL on Saturday night, and the 45th President of the United States arrived to ruckus amount of cheers and hand shakes from the sold out crowd in the Sunshine State.

Matt Couch dug into the President and the UFC response, as well as the CEO of JPMorgan Chase wanting the US Government to seize private property for climate change initiatives.

The CEO of one of the largest baking groups in the world says that governments should seize properties to help speed up climate change initiatives, because we don’t have much time left…

Who’s advising this clown, Al Gore and Greta Thunberg? No Thanks Stalin, we’ll keep our properties, and you can kiss our asses.

Reporter and Investigative Journalist Nick Sortor joined the program live from Louisville, Kentucky where a bank shooting took the lives of five individuals, and wounded six others, included two police officers.

One police officer had to undergo emergency surgery but survived and is doing better than expected, but in critical condition the Louisville Police Department reported.

Check out the entire show below!


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