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In a bizarre move, a second Congressman has endorsed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for President in 2024, even though DeSantis has yet to even announce he’s running.

Texas Congressman Chip Roy endorsed DeSantis last month in a bizarre anti-Trump move.

Massie made the announcement in a statement released on Wednesday via the pro-DeSantis Never Back Down PAC.

Massie was endorsed by Trump in May of 2022 for re-election. Trump released a statement calling Massie a “Conservative Warrior.”

“An MIT graduate and a first-rate Defender of the Constitution, Thomas fights hard to Protect your Liberties, especially the First and Second Amendments, which are under siege by the Radical Left,” Trump added at the time.

Massie has served in Congress since 2012, and started his run with the Tea Party but has been known for voting “No” as the Libertarian leaning Republican.

Trump and Massie had a huge feud over the massive $2 trillion spending bill for Covid-19 relieve back in March of 2020, Massie turned out to be right on it. Trump even called for Massie to be ousted from the GOP at the time.

“America needs a leader who is decisive, respects the Constitution, understands policy, puts family first, and leads by inspiring. That’s why I’m endorsing Ron DeSantis for President,” Massie’s statement said.

“I’ve been honored to call Ron DeSantis a friend for over a decade. During the six years we served together in Congress, I witnessed Ron fight for economic freedom, personal liberty, fiscal responsibility, and constitutionally limited government,” the Kentucky Republican continued, concluding:

In his congressional office and as Governor, Ron has always surrounded himself with capable people who share his principles. Ron knows that putting America first means putting Americans first, not corporations, and he’s never backed down from a fight with the big guys in pharma, agriculture, and tech.

If we make the right choices, America’s best days are in front of us. Let’s pick a proven energetic leader who can get us there. Let’s choose Ron DeSantis for President.

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8 thoughts on “Conservative House Republican Thomas Massie Turns on Trump, Backs DeSantis in 2024”
    1. Food for thought… doesn’t it rankle, just a bit, that he happily took Trump’s endorsement in 2022 for reelection, after they had the falling out, which would imply he gotten over the feud, but then turned around and endorsed somebody else when Trump was up? Not unlike Ron DeSantis himself, taking Trump’s endorsement, then thinking about running for prez, refusing to give a definitive answer, deliberately letting the buzz build in MSM… seems a little bit like betrayal, seems a little bit like disloyalty. Snake-iness. 🐍 #justsaying

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