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In news that will surely not stun you, President Joe Biden made multiple false claims about gas and the Second Amendment this week, in response to a radical transgender shooting up a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee.

The gaffes, and faceless moments have become normal and commonplace in a presidency that feels more like a regime than an administration.

Unfortunately for those of us with common sense, the mainstream media is perfectly fine with gun control and the agenda of the mentally deranged and radical left.

If you’re going to discuss gun issues in America, shouldn’t you actually know something about them?

Fox News reported the following:

Biden makes multiple false Second Amendment claims in wake of Nashville Covenant School tragedy

President Joe Biden responded to Monday’s fatal school shootings in Nashville, Tennessee, during a stop in North Carolina on Tuesday, spreading misinformation about the Second Amendment in the wake of tragedy.

The president made a scheduled stop in Durham, North Carolina, to speak about his economic agenda and the advancement of semiconductors.

But before he got to the meat of his speech Tuesday, the president addressed the tragedy that occurred at a private Christian school in Nashville, the Covenant School, on Monday…

The president, who describes himself as a “Second Amendment guy,” said the weapons used on Monday were “weapons of war” and that the right to bear arms is not absolute.

“You’re not allowed to go out and own an automatic weapon. You’re not allowed to own a machine gun. You’re not allowed to own a flamethrower,” Biden said. “You’re not allowed to own so many other things. Why in God’s name do we allow these weapons of war on our streets and in our public schools?”

In the U.S., it is not illegal to own a flamethrower nor is it illegal to own a machine gun.

To own a machine gun, or fully automatic weapon, a person must not be considered a “prohibited person,” must be at least 21 years old, a legal resident of the U.S., eligible to purchase a firearm, pass an 8-10-month background check and pay a one-time $200 transfer tax to obtain a stamp.

Let the examples begin:

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