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The state of Arkansas has filed a massive lawsuit against Meta Platforms, Inc, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, along with two other lawsuits against TikTok Inc, and it’s parent company ByteDance.

The state of Arkansas alleges violations of Arkansas Deceptive Practices Act, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Attorney General Tim Griffin announced on Tuesday morning.

“We have to hold Big tech accountable for pushing addictive platforms on our kids and exposing them to a world of inappropriate, damaging content,” Sanders said in a news release.

“These social media companies have claimed for years that their platforms are beneficial, not addictive and private. That’s the definition of false, deceptive and unconscionable.”

The following is from MSN.com

The lawsuit filed against Meta accuses it of designing the algorithms behind the Facebook social medial platform to exploit human psychology and foster addiction among users, specifically youth, for profit, resulting in “unhealthy and harmful outcomes for children and teens.”

Sanders accused Meta of being a driver behind the teen mental health crisis.

“Defendants are liable for the manipulative and addicting features they deploy to hook young users and keep them on the platform and returning to the platform,” the lawsuit against Meta states.

“In addition to features such as Instagram filters that encourage unhealthy body image ideals and promotional emails that encourages users to return to their platforms, defendants deluge youth with instant notifications to induce users to return to the platform and re-engage with the platform when a user’s activity drops.”

A similar lawsuit filed against TikTok accuses it of harming children by having an algorithm that “force-feeds” them mature content, including depictions of sex, nudity, suggestive themes, profanity and alcohol, tobacco and drug consumption.

“Content available and promoted to minors on TikTok can and does influence their behavior, causing significant harm, including to communities in Arkansas,” the lawsuit states.

The second lawsuit filed against TikTok concerns fears that data it harvests from its users may fall into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

The lawsuit states that TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese-company ByteDance, is subject to Chinese laws that mandate cooperation with intelligence agencies in the Asian nation.

“China can use TikTok user data to spy on, blackmail and coerce TikTok users, serve them propaganda, further develop China’s artificial intelligence capabilities or for any number of other purposes that serve China’s national security and economic interests, at the expense of Arkansas consumers,” the lawsuit continues.

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