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I’ve been a Trump guy since 2012, when I wanted him to run for president instead of Mitt Romney. Then, when he got into the 2016 race, I immediately switched my support from Rand Paul to Donald J Trump because he was saying everything I wanted from a president, and I believed that he would actually follow through with decisive action. And I was right.

However, since the tail-end of his presidency, I’ve been cooling a bit when it comes to Donald Trump… even questioning whether I could bring myself to vote for him because of his seemingly cozying up with the swamp creatures of the GOP and bragging about his involvement in fast-tracking the covid jabs, which have been disastrous at best.

Enter Ron DeSantis, who has positioned himself as a mini-Trump that’s just not as brash and is anti-covid vaxx. Many, myself included for a period of time, began shifting their support away from Donald Trump over to DeSantis because of those very reasons. However, as time has gone on, I’ve soured on DeSantis due to his involvement with the Bush family, Paul Ryan, kicking the ball down the road with his investigation into the covid jabs and his closest allies in his administration with ties to the World Economic Forum and the GOP Swamp.

So where does that leave me? While I have concerns with some of Trump’s positions, I’m realizing that he’s the best man for the job. I still think we need to oppose his pro-jab positions, but we need to be having these conversations now BEFORE we get into the heat of primary season. If Trump wants to ensure DeSantis has ZERO chance and winning the nomination, he needs to change course on the bioweapon injections, which will guarantee him the GOP Nomination.

This is exactly what I discussed on a recent interview on the AlphaWarrior Show. It’s an honest and transparent discussion about Trump and DeSantis and who America needs right now as we face the potential for World War III. 

Hint: It’s not the Governor of Florida.


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