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Former President Donald J. Trump has finally weighed in on the nickname he reportedly gave Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during a flight back to Florida from his first campaign stop in Iowa this cycle.

It’s been reported that Trump is considering calling DeSantis, “Tiny D,” something Trump has not publicly called the Florida Governor, who is likely to enter the 2024 presidential race.

The Daily Caller says they asked Trump about the nickname during an interview with other reporters on his airplane, and this was the President’s response.

“Tiny D is good,” Trump told reporters.

Trump has been going hard at DeSantis for months, held an event in Davenport Iowa, on Friday, in front of thousands of supporters. There were several thousands outside who couldn’t get tickets into the building as well.

DeSantis is the only one that many feel can challenge Trump for the GOP nomination in 2024, however he has yet to even announce he’s running for President.

On the way to Iowa, the 45th President described why he gave DeSantis the name “Ron DeSanctimonious,” and he said he regrets endorsing him for governor.

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“Well, I guess it’s referring to the fact that when you do something for somebody and they don’t reciprocate, I never liked that. And he was out of politics. He would have had to go to work for some law office or something. And he came to me, he asked for an endorsement. I said, ‘you are so dead right now. No endorsements gonna save you,’” Trump explained.

During his speech in Iowa, he compared DeSantis to Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney.

Thanks to our friends at The Daily Caller for contributing to this article.

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