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A former UFC fighter whose only claim to fame is that he beat pro wrestler CM Punk in the Octagon is at it again attacking conservatives and calling them racial slurs on social media.

Mike “The Truth” Jackson as he refers to himself loves to call white people “Snow Roaches” among other lovely racial slurs on social media.

Former UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletich lost his job when Jackson wrote an article and tried to paint Miletich as an insurrectionist for taking pictures with fans in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021. Miletich because of Jackson’s slanderous hit piece lost a six figure commentating job.

Miletich has tossed the gauntlet out to fight Jackson, and the two are tentatively scheduled to fight each other in Iowa on PPV in May.

You can watch Matt Couch and former Trump 2020 CMO Kaelan Dorr discuss it below on “Facts Not Fiction with Matt Couch.”


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For clarity, this is the same fighter that UFC and MMA legend Jake Shields took down and slapped around a couple of months ago after he called Shields “Nazi Scum.”

You can watch this hilarious video of Shields showing him who his daddy is below.


Can you imagine if a conservative said things like this?

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8 thoughts on “Ex UFC Fighter With A Black Power Tattoo Calls White People Snow Roaches – Matt Couch and Kaelan Dorr Discuss on ‘Facts Not Fiction’ on Red Voice Media (VIDEO)”
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  2. Newsflash. People are racist.
    Racists come in ALL colors, and racism can go in ANY direction, and COME from ANY direction.
    Western Blacks are some of the most racist people you will find, because the American ones especially have this huge chip on their shoulder thinking they are owed much, even though more than much has already been given to them.

    Stop listening to those people, stop giving them the spot light, stop giving them the time of day, ignore them and go on with your lives. They are not worth your time. The more attention you give them, the more racist they will be, because at the core, that is what a lot of the racism is about.. getting attention.

  3. …..no such thing as a snow roach – roaches are black. Just saying, correct me if I am wrong.

  4. This guy needs to remember that his race makes up 13% of the population in America. He needs to come to the conclusion that if the SHTF, they’re vastly outnumbered. They are responsible for over 50% of violent crimes.

  5. If he was white and said the same things about black people, he been arrested for spreading hate and inciting violence.

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