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President Joe Biden just can’t stop lying. he not unlike other politicians about lying, except he just does it more often than anyone in politics, and most of his stories are really whoppers.

Come to think of his habitual trait of lying, it would be hard to pick Biden’s biggest lie.  This is the same man who has claimed to have simultaneously grown up Puerto Rican, Jewish, and Black. For some reason, no one can remember those claims, except him. And who could forget his tale about “Corn Pop?”

In thinking back over  Biden’s political career, there is one lie he’s told over and over. In fact, as RedState recently reported, he told it again while speaking in Selma, Alabama in his recent visit on the 58 th anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday,” where he marched over the Edmund Petus Bridge. He again told his tale of being a member and active participant in the civil rights movement while going to college.

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The Republican National Committee (RNC) didn’t stop with the simple fact-check of Biden’s tale. They went the extra mile and spliced together every single instance Biden has told this lie going all the way back to 1987 (and there is no doubt that Biden told it going further back, but there are limits to technology and data gathering). It’s not only in stunning color, but it’s stunninly indicative of just how dishonest the president is and continues to be.

Can you imagine someone telling the same lie for nearly 40 years despite having been fact-checked dozens and dozens of times. There seems to be a certain psychotic nature to it.

You just saw (and read) that, correct. Biden has falsely claimed to have participated in the civil rights movement no less than 20 times. And to worsen matters, his telling of the lie has accelerated since he’s come into the White House.

What makes this especially insidious is the content of the lie. Much like he’s routinely stolen valor by claiming his son died in the war in Iraq. Biden is stealing valor from civil rights activists by apropriating their struggle to make a silly political boast.

In this case, there’s no evidence to support the president’s claim, and there’s no reason to believe it would even be a possibility. That’s further punctuated by the fact that Biden was very chummy with segregationists in his early political career. Does a guy who pals around with segregationists strike you as a civil rights activist? That was actually a point of contention during the 2020 primary, though those complaints have all been memory-holed in favor of a farcical narrative that Biden is caring and empathetic.

Biden isn’t just a liar. He lies about ridiculous things trying to fluff his own ego and resume. That’s enough to get the media to obsess over George Santos, a no-name, back-benching freshman congresssman. Why is it not enought for Biden to be hounded out of office? That’s rhetorical, of course.

It is easy to understand why his own nation’s people don’t believe anything he says, and that goes for our global allies and enemies, as well.

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By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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