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It was an insane news day as Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, and Julie Kelly broke some wild news that shows the FBI was covering up and deleting evidence in the January 6 trails against defendants.

Drama in the Proud Boys trial yesterday after FBI agent caught lying on the stand and concealing evidence from defense attorneys.

Motion filed this morning from Nick Smith, attorney representing Ethan Nordean.

This is what happens when a rogue, corrupt FBI…

is allowed to lie to the public, withhold information, and operate without oversight by Congress. This agent (or someone) deleted thousands of messages in FBIs “Lync” messaging system–messages relevant to investigation and required to be produced to defense counsel:

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What messages did FBI conceal from defense?

A request by an FBI informant to alter an official CHS (confidential human source) report.

Brazen lawlessness at FBI in its biggest January 6 case.

Boss instructs FBI agent to “destroy” hundreds of items of evidence.

If this is a slam-dunk case of “seditious conspiracy,” why is FBI destroying, hiding evidence?

Even more egregious (maybe?)–FBI accessed emails between one defendant and his attorney and discussed its contents. This agent apparently knew one defendant planned to go to trial.

The judge excused the jury as soon as this info was revealed in court yesterday. Hearing shortly

Amazing work by Julie Kelly, Alex Jones, and Steve Bannon here to get this story out on Warroom, InfoWars, and via Twitter. This is still a developing story, and details are still coming out. You can watch the interview of Alex Jones and Steve Bannon on this topic below.



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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

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