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A baffling story coming out of Rhode Island as the Teachers Union in that state has sued a mom for asking about her child’s curriculum.

Nicole Solas revealed that she has been sued by the Union, the National Educator’s Association (NEA), as part of a years-long “harassment” campaign.

Laying the insane saga out to Fox News Sunday, Solas said the disagreement started after she made records requests on the contents of the school districts curriculum.

First she was met with pushback, and the mother continued to submit legal requests, until eventually she was sued by the liberal Teacher’s Union, which is the most powerful in the country.

Part of the clash with educators came when she asked staffers at her child’s school whether or not they were teaching students radical gender theory. Which is every parents right to know.

Appeared on a televised interview to speak out against the meeting Sunday, the 39-year-old Nicole Solas revealed that she had also been sued by the massive union.

The following is from The Daily Mail:

Laying the sordid saga bare to Fox News‘ Rachel Campos Duffy, Solas said the disagreement started after she made a records request regarding the district’s curriculum, after learning students at her daughter’s school were were receiving lessons on gender reassignment and Critical Race Theory.

Initially met with pushback, the mother continued to submit the public information requests – a perfectly legal practice when it comes to taxpayer-funded institutions – but staffers still continually refused to answer her questions. 

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Eventually, the assistant principal of Solas’ five-year-old daughter’s elementary school, Amanda Pawelski, and Poudre School District Chief Equity Officer, Marlena Gross-Taylor, were caught in leaked emails discussing using a students’ preferred pronouns behind their parents’ back.

In fact, the Executive Director of the Union is even encouraging his minions to try to get Nicole kicked off Twitter and silence her free speech. Kind of reminds us of this NAFO Furries fellas.

Nicole even shared a screen shot of text messages with a former NEA Union member.

“They painted me like a wanted enemy of the state simply because I submitted public records requests,’ Solas told Fox News’ Rachel Campos Duffy Sunday, of how she was made the topic of the ‘secret,'”emergency meeting in which staffers brainstormed of ways to legally circumvent the mom’s repeated requests.

‘There were 250 teachers that attended where they were alerted to me being an “attack on public education,”‘ Solas sniped, quoting one of the slides directly.

The mom then referenced slides from a presentation that were leaked to her by a teacher, in which staffers complained that Solas’ 200-plus Access to Public Records Act (APRA) requests had “crippled” the district, asking for detailed information like. months of educators’ emails targeted on select terms.

The leaked slides were allegedly provided to Solas by a middle school math teacher, and dismissed the mothers’ requests as being “part of a well coordinated effort from outside groups with outdated thinking who want to push for inaccurate lessons to fuel division.”

After being hit with dozens of requests from Solas, the school board then threatened to sue, bringing up the concerned mother’s name during a ‘secret’ meeting held to figure out how to handle the mom’s questions. The union has since made good on their lawsuit threat 

The slides further suggest that over the span of a few months, as requests from Solas built up ‘like a tsunami,’ as Superintendent Linda Savastano put it, the district had found itself in ‘crisis’.

Moreover, instead of addressing the mother’s qualms individually, union officials sought to address the outpour of requests at the meeting, which was held in the summer of 2021 just before the lawsuit was filed.

‘We know – and Superintendent Savastano agrees – that honesty in education is best for all students,’ one slide titled ‘Attack on Public Education’ read, featuring a photo of Solas as well as her name.

The slides were apparently shared in a Zoom call held by members of the union, with the last slide notifying staffers that they would come up with a solution to the ‘pressure’ being imparted by Solas at Curtis Corner Middle School.

Speaking to Campos and Duffy Sunday, Solas slammed the slide shared during the Zoom call, likening them to a woke witch hunt with her being the intended target.

‘These people present themselves as if they are pillars of the community when, really, they look more like psychopaths zeroing in on a target,’ said Solas, who is also part of the right-wing Independent Women’s Network.

You can read more from our friends Daily Mail.

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