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A hilarious segment today on The Drew Berquist show over on Red Voice Media as the disaster that is the White House Press Secretary continues to unravel before our very eyes.

Peter Doocy asks questions that of course the lovely White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre doesn’t want to address or answer. She’s never honest, but her responses are often laughable.

Doocy phrased the following question.

“So Cartels kill Americans on this side of the border with drugs, and now they’re killing Americans on the other side of the border with guns, why is President Biden so comfortable with Cartels operating so close to the U.S.”

Drew Berquist breaks down her weak and pathetic response below.

“You could literally see the anger and disgust on her face, she’s so pissed that she even has to answer a question, a tough question from Peter Doocy. Because KJP and all of her friends they’re used to these lob ball questions, these propaganda based questions that she gets all the time. The mainstream media just lobs them out there for her all the time, it’s easy.”

Check out the full segment below.


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One thought on “Red Voice Media’s Drew Berquist Breaks Down KJP’s Response to Peter Doocy on Southern Border as her Message Goes to Hell in a Hand Basket (VIDEO)”
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