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I had a dream last night that felt extremely real. 

I am not saying it’s a “thus saith the Lord”, and it was just a dream…yet I feel it is important to write about nevertheless so that we can pray against any plans of the enemy. 

In the dream…

Someone was showing me “why we are in Ukraine” or at least that’s what he said to me. He was acting as a guide in the dream. 

The first thing I was shown is that people were using Ukraine to launder money to elites all around the world so that they could prepare themselves for what was to happen later. 

Apparently something had already been decided. These people seemed very calm and as if they already knew the plan, even though it was a war. While people were truly dying, those behind the scenes were not scathed nor worried at all. 

I didn’t understand what had been decided. Then the man said, “let me show you” and showed me…Russia, China, Biden, they were all working together! I didn’t understand. Aren’t they foes? But then the person said, ”let me show you”…

He then took me to a secret meeting. In the meeting the people were all laughing and in agreement. Money was being allocated to all who had a part in this massive sinister plan. Again, while it should have been a warlike environment, the leaders were laughing and all seemed to be enjoying themselves. 

Then I was shown how the war was meant to pick up where we had left off in Afghanistan. President Trump had ended the war and so they simply came up with a new war to do the same thing. The purpose of this war was to deplete our ability to wage war elsewhere. 

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The man said to me, “We are sending all our munitions to the battle field in Ukraine so that we won’t have enough for the real war”. I still didn’t understand. So he said, “come”. The next thing I knew was I was being whisked away over to Asia.  

China didn’t care about what was happening in Ukraine, yet they too we’re preparing for war… I asked the guide if they were headed to Ukraine. The man laughed and said, “no, not at all”. I didn’t understand, and so he said, “I’ll show you”. Then he showed me the biggest military buildup I had ever seen. Solders and troops for miles and as far as the eye could see. I asked what they were doing. He said, “the world will soon change”. I didn’t understand. He said, “once the US is out of weapons and it can’t wage war, China will invade Taiwan and then many things will change”. 

I briefly saw something to do with digital money, and what seemed to be a much different world, just a quick flash, and then I woke up. I was quite startled as you could imagine. 

I believe this dream is a warning. 

I felt an urgency today to call for the end of the Ukraine war immediately and that US citizens and officials alike must demand that we find a ceasefire agreement right away. 

I believe if we don’t stop the current trajectory, that this dream could end up being a reality, at least in several aspects. 

This is not to scare anyone, it’s so that we can understand the situation from a different perspective and understand how to pray against the wicked plans of the enemy! Please consider praying about this dream and the possibility of it being more than just a dream. 🙏

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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

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