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For all of you who think that we’re kidding with our reporting that the Ukraine is full of Nazi’s, we’re not, and we’re not wrong either. The legacy mainstream media and the United States government are yet again lying to you, and the majority are taking the bait as usual.

Ukraine’s parliament back in 2018 designated the birthday of a prominent Nazi collaborate as a National Holiday. You can’t make this up anymore.

They also banned a book that criticized another anti-Semitic national leader.

Ahhh, but those damn conspiracy theories, wait a minute, they came true yet again.

January 1 has now been set aside in the country to remember Stepan Bandera, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported.

Bandera was a Ukrainian Nationalist who joined forces with the German Nazis during World War II because he believed that hey would help his country gain independence from the now defunct Soviet Union.

However, he was later targeted and arrested by the Nazis.

The Ukrainian city of Lviv, which was the Nationalist’s home city, also announced this month that next year would be “Stepan Bandera Year,” a move criticized highly by Israel.

Ukraine’s State Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting banned Swedish historian Anders Rydell’s Book of Thieves as well.

The book critically analyzed the actions of Ukrainian Nationalist Symon Petliura, whose forced killed large numbers of Jews in the early 20th century. Petilura was later killed by a Russian-born Jew in Paris in 1929.

On December 17, 2018, Ukraine voted against a United Nations General Assembly resolution that aimed to combat the “glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance,” according to Tass news agency. The United States also voted against the measure, although 129 nations supported the move.

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The resolution was put forward by Russia. Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council slammed Ukraine and the U.S. for their opposition.

That’s right, the Russians, not the Americans, were trying to stomp out the Nazism growing in the Ukraine, but of course the American mainstream media didn’t tell you that, did they?

“The decision of the United States and Ukraine to vote against the Russia-initiated resolution is within the frames of these countries’ strategy of using neo-Nazi and ultra-right forces in their own political interests,” Patrushev said, Tass reported.

Human rights activists raised serious concerns a bout the rise of neo-Nazi groups in the Ukraine, particularly since Russian-backed separatist rebels took control of a sizable portions of the country in 2014.

Remember when they told you this war started a year ago? Yeah, they lied again, and we’ve been telling you that for a year. Listening yet?

The conflict led to an increase in anti-Russian sentiments and ultra nationalist feelings according to scholars. Some of the Nationalists have turned to neo-Nazi ideology as well. Wait, are we supposed to be reporting the truth like this? Are we in danger?

Back in July of 2018, Israel’s High Court of Justice, demanded that the country halt arms exports to the Ukraine, Haaretz, reported.

The petition argued that many of the weapons Israel was sending to the Ukraine were ending up in the hands of those who were promoting Neo-Nazi views.

“Numerous organized radical right-wing groups exist in Ukraine,” Freedom House’s Ukraine project director Matthew Schaaf said, according to a March report by Reuters. “While the volunteer battalions may have been officially integrated into state structures, some of them have since spun off political and non-profit structures to implement their vision.”

Everything you’ve been told about what’s happening in the Ukraine is a lie, but when will Americans on both sides of the aisle wake up and see it?

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