Richard “Alex” Murdaugh the Democrat Mega Donor and Multi-Millionaire in South Carolina has been found guilty on two counts of murder, including both is wife and son.

His son and wife were both found shot to death at the crime scene.

Murdaugh has admitted to lying to authorities during the investigation, but denied the allegations.

You can see his reaction to the verdict below:


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This was the nail in the coffin for the jury.

To me this is where John Meadors nailed the closing. Just look at the entire case and what Alex did through this lense: Alex Murdaugh loved nothing more in this world than Alex Murdaugh

Here one of the prosecutors explains that Maggie and Paul had no defensive wounds on them.

Then there is this video that is just creepy and eerie as hell.

The judge is in the process of handing down the sentences which could be back to back life sentence terms on Friday morning.

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4 thoughts on “Democrat Mega Donor Alex Murdaugh Found Guilty of Double Murder”
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