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In an insane appeal and filing, the FBI is now claiming that they had nothing to do with the DOJ’s harassment and attempted prosecution of Roger Stone.

The Bureau attorneys (U.S. Attorneys representing them) claim they cannot release information about CrowdStrike and Seth Rich in that case to attorney Ty Clevenger, representing Brian Huddleston and others involved in investigating the still unsolved murder DNC Staffer Seth Rich.

According to the FBI, the term “CrowdStrike” within the Special Counsel Office (SCO) investigative files, which located three publicly acknowledged reports in a production to Clevenger and team on May 23, 2022.

FBI’s Counterintelligence Division and Operational Technology Division using search
terms “Seth Conrad Rich”, “Seth C. Rich” and “Seth Rich”, which returned no additional

You can read the full PDF document below

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The FBI also claims that they have not publicly acknowledged additional Crowdstrike reports.

In regards to the Stone Case, the FBI says they were not party to it. So here’s a strange question, who investigated it? We know the DOJ prosecutes with United States Attorneys on behalf of the Bureau, so if this is true, then who investigated it? What agency are they referring to?

The FBI also claims there are only two CrowdStrike reports, not six as attorney Ty Clevenger who works with our own Matt Couch’s investigation team revealed.

It’s more hyperbole from a rogue government that refuses to be honest and transparent with the American people.

In closing the FBI made the following statement.

It’s a ridiculous argument citing they won’t acknowledge the Crowdstrike report released in the Stone case because that was DOJ. They cite a case involving USFS and BLM. But those two agencies are in different departments (agriculture and Interior) Here the FBI is a subagency of DOJ and the report originated with them.

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