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Just when you wondered to yourself, why haven’t we heard more about this story, well now you know.

Jeffrey Epstein Madam Ghislaine Maxwell has ordered her attorneys to file an appeal to overturn sex-crimes convictions against her.

The 61-year-old British pedophile was convicted in December of 2021 of recruiting and grooming young girls to be sexually abused by Epstein.

Tuesday her lawyers asked a federal appeals court to overturn her conviction and 20-year sentence for helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse girls.

Epstein allegedly killed himself in 2019 while awaiting his own sex-crimes trial. If you believe that, your’e a moron. The guards fell asleep, the cameras malfunctioned, all on the same night he allegedly took his own life. They think you’re stupid America.

Maxwell, his lover and close friend was arrested a year later.

In a filing on Tuesday with the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in Manhattan, Maxwell’s lawyers argued she was denied a fair trial and used as a scapegoat because Epstein evaded justice.

“The government prosecuted Ms Maxwell as a proxy for Jeffrey Epstein. It did so to satisfy public outrage over an unpopular non-prosecution agreement and the death of the person responsible for the crimes,” defense attorney Arthur Aidala said in a statement quoted by ABC News.

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In a bizarre plot twist, Maxwell lawyers argue she is covered by a 2007 non-prosecution agreement between federal prosecutors in Florida and Epstein, which including a provision not to prosecute co-conspirators.

Epstein was convicted in Florida in 2008 of paying young girls for massages, but served just 13 months in jail under a secret plea deal. Those details are now slowly coming to the surface.

Maxwell’s Lawyers also argued that prosecutors had waited too long to charge her and violated the statute of limitations.

“In its zeal to pin the blame for its own incompetence and for Epstein’s crimes on Maxwell, the government breached its promise not to prosecute Maxwell, charged her with time-barred offenses, resurrected and recast decades-old allegations for conduct previously ascribed to Epstein and other named assistants, and joined forces with complainants’ civil attorneys, whose interests were financial, to develop new allegations that would support charges against Maxwell,” their filing said, quoted by ABC and Fox News.

The appeal also stated that trial judge Alison Nathan had wrongfully rejected a request by Maxwell for a new trial last year.

Maxwell unsuccessfully argued that a juror, who had bragged about helping convince fellow jurors to convict her by recalling his own experiences as a sex abuse victim, had biased the jury.

Following a months long trial in New York, Maxwell was convicted in June of 2021 on five of the six counts she was facing, including the most serious charge of trafficking a minor.

These charges stemmed from crimes committed between 1994 and 2004.

Two of Epstein’s victims, identified as “Jane” and “Carolyn,” testified that they were as young as 14 when Maxwell began grooming them.

Maxwell, the Oxford-educated daughter of the late British press baron Robert Maxwell, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in June last year.

Prosecutors successfully proved that she was “the key” to Epstein’s scheme of enticing young girls to give him massages, during which he would sexually abuse them.

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