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Last week, Senator Eric Schmitt (R-MO) called on President Biden to wake up to the threat China poses and start taking this issue seriously. Schmitt, a junior senator and is a Federal Committee Member on the Senate Committee on Armed Services. 

 Schmitt was speaking to host of “Sunday Morning Futures” Maria Bartiromo’s question about China’s “most favored trade status” and whether the Senate could strip it of that, along with the recent balloon situation.

Bartiromo asked Schmitt, “Can you do anything in your role on the Senate terms of the most favored trade status? And what is your reaction to the U.S.’ response to China’s provocations?”

Senator Schmitt didn’t pull any punches with his gloves-off smackdown of the Biden Administration’s China policy answering, “Well, I think we need to reevaluate all those relationships. We’re not having fair trade at all with China. Everything needs to be on the table. There’s no doubt about that. The main message right now is that China is our chief adversary. There’s no doubt about that. They have plans for world domination and we got to take that seriously, absolutely seriously, like, seriously as a heart attack seriously.”

Schmitt continued, “And we’re not doing that right now from the Biden administration. I mean, China’s built islands in the South China Sea, and it’s not for people in Beijing to go on vacation. They have militarized these islands. They have anti-ship weapons systems. They have anti-aircraft weapon systems on those islands now, not only to disrupt trade, but for military purposes.”

Schmitt noted how the recent balloon incident could pose a threat to America’s nuclear deterrent because the balloon could have captured information about the B-2 stealth bomber, which is the air component of America’s nuclear triad. Speaking about those surveillance activities saying, “China is playing for keeps.”

Schmitt added, “On top of that, now, you had a Chinese spy balloon traverse across the continental United States, including over my home state of Missouri, over Whiteman Air Force Base, home of the B-2 stealth bomber, over St. Louis, where you have the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. I mean, they are not messing around. They’re playing for keeps. And Maria, not only were they gathering important information intelligence on our military installations. They were gathering important intelligence on Joe Biden, what he would do, how quickly he would do it, and he failed on every front.”

Senator Schmitt concluded with Biden’s balloon failure to the other foreign policy and national security disasters of his administration, from our humiliating rout at the hands of the Taliban to the swamped southern border saying, “You have got that on the heels of the Afghanistan withdrawal, where we lost service members and tens of billions of dollars’ worth of equipment. He cares not at all about the porous open Southern border, the sovereignty of our own border. And now you have our airspace being violated by the Chinese, this, our very own sovereignty. So, the Biden administration is not taking it seriously. We need to take it seriously. They are our chief threat. We need to treat them like that.”

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