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The 45th President of the United States and 2024 Presidential front runner Donald Trump is now winning the minds and hearts of a small town in East Palestine, Ohio.

On Wednesday President Trump visited the embattled town hit with a massive train derailment and toxic chemical spill that the federal government refused to address.

The former President donated thousands of gallons of cleaning supplies and thirteen pallets of water during his trip to East Palestine, Ohio.

“BREAKING: Trump to donate thousands of gallons of cleaning supplies, and thirteen pallets of water on his visit with members of the community in East Palestine, Ohio,”

Trump visit the small community of roughly 4,800 to help and meet with members of the community after the horrific accident and release of toxic chemicals in the area.

As President Trump helps Ohio, Biden, and his entire administration have not visited Ohio until Pete Buttigieg did on Friday after being pressured by Trump’s visit.

“Biden and FEMA said they would not be sending federal aid to East Palestine. As soon as I announced that I’m going, he announced a team will go. Hopefully, he will also be there. This is good news because we got them to ‘move,’” Trump wrote in a statement and in a post on his booming social media platform Truth Social.

The company opted to release the gas from the derailed cars, releasing potentially deadly fumes and other dangerous chemicals into the air, to prevent a disastrous explosion. Local residents were told to evacuate the area during the release but were assured it was safe to return on Feb. 9,” Fox News reports.

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By (Not Real) Brick Tamland

I'm only doing this because #CNN sucks!

One thought on “Trump Makes MASSIVE Donation to Residents of East Palestine, Ohio While Biden Continues to Send American Taxpayer Funds to the Ukraine”
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