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On Saturday evening, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) announced that President Joe Biden would be impeached for funneling money to Ukraine while ignoring the ongoing crises in East Palestine, Ohio and the southern border.

Over the past several weeks, America’s attention has been focused on East Palestine, Ohio where toxic chemicals were released into the atmosphere after a train derailment took place.

The disaster was widely ignored by the Biden administration and the media until former President Donald Trump announced he would be visiting the town this Wednesday.

Biden has also ignored Republicans and is now receiving mounting pressure from them over the ongoing southern border crisis.

Taylor Greene took to Twitter to announce that because of these ongoing crises, Biden would be impeached for failing to protect the American people, which should be his priority.

Taylor Greene was responding to a video where Biden announced that the United States taxpayers would be

funding pensions in Ukraine. Her response, “Joe Biden will be impeached. Ukraine is NOT the 51st state!!!”

“We are in over $34 TRILLION in debt, borders invaded daily by the thousands, and Americans have been poisoned inEast Palestine,” Taylor Greene continued. She added, “ENOUGH!!! IMPEACH BIDEN!!!”

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is not alone. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has signaled that impeachment is on the table specifically for Biden’s failure at the southern border.

Although impeachment most likely would not pass through the Senate, McCarthy argued that impeachment may force Biden to finally take the southern border seriously.

McCarthy stated, “That is the last thing to which Biden and Democrats want attention called. Border security is an 80-20 issue, favoring not so much Republicans (who are far from uniformly solid on upholding immigration law) as individual candidates and officials who demonstrate seriousness about it, most of whom happen to be Republicans.”

McCarthy explained, “Joe Biden is not honoring his oath, and with Congress in a stalemate and state sovereignty nullified, only he can solve the border crisis he’s created. It’s that simple, either Republicans use the only tool available to them to force Biden’s hand, or they are aiders and abettors. There is no middle ground.”

It appears that the Articles of Impeachment are the only tool available for Republicans to force the White House to take action.

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By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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