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I had the honor of being a guest on BrighteonTV’s Let’s Talk America, where I had a fascinating conversation with host Alan Keyes about the current state of America. The thing that we kept coming back to was the fact that our Constitutional Rights are grounded in the belief that the God of the Bible created us and gave us inalienable rights that cannot be taken away by the government.

The Republican Party over the last several years has been trending Libertarian, which is a dangerous move away from true Conservatism. This takes us in a direction where everyone is doing what’s right in their own eyes, which means that the focus of our nation is on ourselves instead of on God.

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Our Constitutional Rights are given to us by God, and cannot be taken away by the government. This is so very important to understand, and we cannot have political conversations about Constitutional Rights without addressing this important point.

As I wrote on my Substack today, our Constitutional Rights hinge upon the very existence of God. We have rights because there’s a Rights Giver. That Rights Giver is the God of the Bible. This explains why the Left is constantly attacking the very belief in God… if they can eliminate God, they can eliminate our Constitutional Rights.

This is why it’s so important that we continue to boldly be Christian in our politics, and refuse to separate our faith from our politics. They must be blended together, or else we will lose everything that has made America great.

It’s time to make America great again, and that start with repentance and turning back to God.

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