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One of the main prime time hosts of the Fox News channel was hospitalized over the weekend after being involved in a major skiing accident.

Ingraham was hospitalized as a result of her being off-air for a little while.

The Fox News host took to her social media to update fans on her condition, and what’s going on.

“Well, it started with a fun day of skiing in Colorado,” Ingraham said, noting that toward the end of the day, her teenage sons challenged her to a race down the mountain.

“Of course, I took the bait,” Ingraham said. “I won the race … to the Aspen Hospital ER. As I suspected, I blew out the knee. Two ligaments — the ACL and PCL — a major bummer. I was pretty heartbroken. I immediately knew it was my ACL because I had done my other knee at the same resort 20 years ago.”

“It’s going to be kind of a long road ahead, of rehab, but we’re going to get there. Thanks to everyone out there for your prayers and your concern — I’m going to be OK, I’m doing fine,” Ingraham said.

All of us at The DC Patriot are praying for a speedy recovery for Laura as she heals from a terrible knee injury.

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