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Legendary Pro Wrestler and WWE announcer Jerry “The King” Lawler suffered a stroke on Monday and underwent surgery to save his life sources tell The DC Patriot.

The wrestling world from WWE Hall of Famer and one of Lawler’s best friends Jim Ross to The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart posted Monday night asking for prayers for their longtime friend and confidant.

Lawler had successful carotid artery surgery according to Pro Wrestling World. According to sources he began experiencing symptoms last night and began to lose feeling on the right side of his body and slurring his speech.

Lawler underwent the surgery at a Florida hospital, according to Action News 5.

UPDATE: Jerry Lawler had successful carotid artery surgery. He reportedly started exhibiting symptoms last night, at which point he began to lose feeling of the right side of his body & slurring his speech. He is now able to speak a few words at a time. Speedy recovery King

Lawler recently appeared at WWE’s massive Royal Rumble Event last month where he was a commentator on the hour-long kickoff show panel with Booker T and others.

Lawler has had heart issues in the past, suffering a near fatal cardiac arrest in 2012 on a live episode of Monday Night Raw. He also had a stroke in 2018.

Lawler was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007 and is signed to a WWE Legends contract. He hasn’t been a full-time commentator though since 2020.

As insane as this sounds, Lawler wrestled against Scott Steiner in March of 2022 at USA Pro Wrestling’s 29th Anniversary Show in Orlando.

Here’s what the Pro Wrestling World was saying about The King on social media today.

Legendary Tag Team Wrestler and AEW Star Matt Hardy:

The greatest of all time Ric Flair added this:

Even the Iron Sheik was kind to ask for prayers about Lawler and not attack Hulk Hogan:

All of us at The DC Patriot send our prayers and love to Jerry Lawler, a truly good man and friend!

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