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The beloved Lynette Hardaway, part of the social media influencer duo, “Diamond and Silk,” has been the topic of conversation lately after her untimely passing.

She received support from millions of America First conservatives and Trump supporters, and her own sister Silk made statements at her celebration of life with President Trump that speculated that she was vaccinated.

She was ardent supporter of President Donald J. Trump, during and after his presidency, and was vocal about her opposition to vaccine mandates. So vocal that it led her to be deplatformed by several social media sites, but she was picked up as a contributor on Fox and Newsmax.

Her unexpected death on Jan 8 at age 51 prompted her sister, Rochelle (“Silk”) to reach out to former President Donald Trump, who promoted, attended, and covered expenses for Hardaway’s funeral and memorial service.

During the “celebration of life ceremony,” Richardson praised Trump for his support, saying:

“When I told him that Diamond had passed, he said, ‘ohhh,’ he was heartbroken. He said, ‘OK, we’re going to have a nice gathering for her, a nice funeral,’ and I said oh no, we don’t have a body. We followed her wishes, and we cremated her.”

Richardson continued: “[Trump] said, ‘OK, I want you to do whatever you want, I want you to have the best of whatever you want, and whatever you want Diamond would have, and I don’t want you to worry about paying for nothing.’” 


Richardson also revealed her suspicion that her sister’s death was connected to her recent COVID-19 vaccination. She said:

“What I want to say to everybody is don’t you dare call me a conspiracy theorist because I saw it happen. I saw how it happened. I was there when it happened. And it happened suddenly. I want America to wake up and pay attention.”

“Something ain’t right. It’s time to investigate what’s really going on here and get some answers to why are people falling dead suddenly.”

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On Monday, the Associated Press noted that Hardaway’s death certificate indicated the cause of death was “heart disease due to chronic high blood pressure.”

Many advocates of Covid-19 vaccinations noted that the death certificate did not list COVID or the COVID vaccine as a cause or contributing factor in Hardaway’s death.

Some, however, believe the death certificate notation of a heart issue could indicate myocarditis, which has been featured prominently in the media as linked to COVID vaccinations.

Notably, the death certificate issued by the Hoke County Register of Deeds was signed by a local doctor, not a coroner, and no autopsy was performed.

Thanks to our friends at ResistTheMainstream.com for contributing to this article.

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By (Not Real) Brick Tamland

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7 thoughts on “Diamond’s (Lynette Hardaway) Cause of Death Revealed as Death Certificate Details are Released”
  1. I never saw that Silk came out and said her sister was vaccinated. If you have that footage, please show it. When Peggy Hall (theHealthyAmerican.org) was on their show, Diamond expressed concern about being around vaccinated people who might be “shedding.” That doesn’t sound like someone who would get vaccinated.

  2. So sorry for Silk’s passing. I have no one personally close to me who has had such an experience, tho i’ve heard of many others. At 87, I have little contact with outsiders and have not had the covid vaccine at all. I live alone, 1 daughter and 1 son visit about once a week. Seems to me too many odd things are happening to people who get that shot. There must be some connection.

  3. On Silk’s first show she talks about (as much as she is allowed legally) if Diamond was vaccinated or not and from what I gathered from what Silk said….”Hell NO”!! I’m curious as to why she was in the hospital back in November when Silk asked people to pray for Diamond. Did she have COVID, did they give her the vaccine in the hospital??? Too many questions with all these people who “DIED SUDDENLY”!!

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