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Feeling like you’d still like to have a little payback on your ex, but in a way that doesn’t give you in trouble? Look no further, we might have the solution.

For a small donation, an animal shelter in Middle Tennessee will write your ex’s name on a cat’s litter box. Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving!

How many of you think your Ex’s name belongs on a litter box, or a place where someone or an animal goes to the bathroom?

Maury County Animal Services (MCAS) is a no-kill shelter nestled in Columbia, Tennessee.

They’re hoping that your past pain will help dogs and cats at the shelter in need of some loving homes.

It’s pretty easy to do also, just download the Venmo app an send $10 to @FriendsOfMCAS along with your name submission.

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All money will go towards the shelter’s medical fund.

“We will write your ex’s name on a litter box and let our cats shower them with karma!” shelter organizers wrote. 

Would you do something like this for your ex? Comment below and let us know the funniest thing you’ve done to an Ex!

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