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Facebook has indefinitely suspended the personal Facebook page of our founder Matt Couch, as well as his business pages of RealMattCouch, TheDCPatriot, among others. It’s yet another tyrannical move as META and Facebook look to protect Joe Biden’s baby boy Hunter Biden.

Right before the November election, Couch’s Facebook was suspended for 30 days for sharing a hilarious Hunter Biden Halloween Costume meme, which didn’t violate any community standards what so ever. Couch’s Instagram was indefinitely suspended at that time for sharing the same meme.

Here’s the meme in question, which again doesn’t violate any community standards, it’s just a funny meme, and the pictures have been in every publication from The New York Post to Breitbart.

The meme went viral, and of course Meta and Facebook sprang into action to protect the Democrats Golden Boy son of Joe Biden.

Couch continues to voice his political views, and that’s his right as a free American citizen. Unless you’re the tyrants at Facebook, then you try to silence him time and time again.

Couch had 7, 30 day suspensions on Facebook in 2022. that means that his account was suspended for over 215 days in 2022. That’s more than half the year, but they claim they don’t censor voices they don’t agree with? Meta isn’t telling the truth, and they repeatedly and actively censor voices they don’t agree with political. When will a class action lawsuit be filed against these clowns?

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Heres’ the non reason they gave for indefinitely suspending Couch’s account Sunday evening.

Notice the date as well, it’s currently February 5 in the United States, which means some overseas telemarketing support jockey suspended Couch’s account, as the date of suspension says February 6. Details matter, but it’s sad that Facebook is ran this poorly, no wonder they are losing billions each quarter.

The real question is, when are our Congressional and elected members in our government going to actually start doing something about this kind of censorship?

We reached out to comment from our own Matt Couch on his indefinite suspension, and this was his response:

“I honestly could care less about the political, financial, or business ramifications of what Meta and Facebook have done to my family yet again. They are tyrants who abuse their power to silence those they politically disagree with. However what I have trouble with is the over a decade of memories with my children, family, and friends that these people have erased. It’s absolutely astonishing that the Republicans in office do nothing to curb their censorship of Americans. Facebook and Meta as company should be broken up into millions of pieces and scattered into the wind, free speech in America is pivotal, and getting rid of their stronghold on it is a key to America moving forward.”

What are your thoughts folks? Have you been suspended or banned on Facebook for speaking your truth? Comment below, we want to hear your stories.

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7 thoughts on “JUST IN: Facebook Indefinitely Suspends Matt Couch’s Personal Facebook, Business Pages (No Reasons Given) Other Than Hunter Biden”
  1. First off, there is no such thing as “your truth.” There is just the truth. With that being said, what Big Tech does is ridiculous. It’s not their job to police speech.
    Let that be a lesson to all: do not rely on one source to backup your memories, especially social media sites, and more so when you know you post content that goes against the narrative. It’s like knowing a cobra is poisonous, but keeping one as a pet; you don’t then get to be shocked that it bit you.

  2. My account was restricted on Feb 3 for posting the pic with Hunter (in underwear and scarf) and the Balloons. I challenged and facebook said they got it wrong and put it back up. Now, 3 days later, Feb 6 restricted again for the same exact post. Guess the Nazis in power, in the White House, kept pushing the issue. We need to stop this. There is nothing sexually exploiting about the post, that is a flat out lie!! Liars need to be called out and stopped.

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  6. My account was just suspended permanently for a Hunter biden meme also,my main account I lost in Sept to a hunter biden meme they flagged then approved then flagged twice the next day,lost years of pics,access to by business pages,celebrities and musicians I met through my fundraising where o didn’t have there number but was messenger all because of Hunter biden meme,literally u can see all kinds of shit on Facebook that probably violate community standards but they just go after people who don’t feel same beliefs as them

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