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Every day on social media, there’s at least one video we see that makes us say “What in the hell did I just watch.”

We’ve decided to turn this into a daily segment here at The DC Patriot for your enjoyment, pleasure, or horror. We’re not really sure yet.

Today’s video of the day is a rainbow pile of horror, and we’re honestly not sure what this really is.

In this God awful song on TikTok, these two folks are apparently claiming to have the same jumbo sized wife that they put on display for the world.

This is today’s “What in the Hell did I just watch” video of the day.

Enjoy it, or watch in terror, we’re not sure how to react.


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2 thoughts on “The DC Patriot ‘What in the Hell Did I Just Watch’ Video of the Day: Jan 30, 2023”
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