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The unpopular Ronna Romney McDaniel will remain the chair of the Republican National Committee for another two years after members cast votes in a secret ballot on Friday.

The battle between her, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell and Kari Lake Attorney Harmeet Dhillon wasn’t close at the end of the day.

Harmeet claimed that McDaniel had fumbled Arizona’s gubernatorial race, allowing Katie Hobbs to steal the election, but the votes didn’t see it that way.

“I have not sought the endorsement of any potential candidate for the United States presidency, including President Trump,” Dhillon said Thursday, before adding that she was in touch with him just the day before. “I think it’s very problematic for somebody to say that they’re neutral if they get an official endorsement.”

McDaniel has been a favorite of former President Donald J. Trump as he helped her get elected the first time around, although with two of his friends also running along with Ronna, Trump refused to pick a side for this vote.

“All of us supporting Harmeet, we’re not going away,” said Jonathan Barnett, a committee member from Arkansas.

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McDaniel won the support of 111 committee members who cast ballots in a secret ballot vote for chair, more than the majority of the 168 members needed to secure a fourth two-year term running the RNC.

This is unprecedented to see a reign like this in modern times as a GOP chair.

The vote took place on the final day of the RNC’s winter meeting, which was held this year t a luxury seaside resort in southern California’s Orange County.

Boy, that sure does sound like it represent the blue collar workers and flyover states, doesn’t it America?

One vote went to former New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin, who thought about running, but didn’t.

The chair defeated her main challenger, California Committee member Harmeet Dhillon, who won 51 votes from members. My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, a strong supporter and backer of President Trump only received 4 votes.

Conservative influencers chimed in on Ronna’s win below:

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10 thoughts on “GOP Betrays Voters Yet Again as Ronna Romney McDaniel Wins Re-Election to Stay RNC Chairwoman”
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  2. Well, for anyone that still hasn’t figured it out, there is no MAGA movement. This has been just another political scam.
    Trump helped every rino in the nation get re elected in the mid terms. Then he makes no effort to oust this useless mess of a chairperson.
    What politicians that Trump helped get elected voted against Ronna? Any of them???
    My god, Trump didn’t even bother to help Lindell, WTF??
    This is a sham and a joke, a disgusting joke.
    There is no MAGA movement, only in the minds of us gullible patriots.
    Done with Trump, always been an independent, so I don’t have to divorce myself from the party, i was thankfully never a republican.

  3. Secret ballot for sure. Now they can, and should feel ashamed in secret. The republican party sucks, the democrat party sucks and we are the suckers.

  4. “in a secret ballot on Friday.” is All I needed to read! All current politicians Need to GO!!!!

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  8. Don’t waste your money donating to the RNC. Donate directly to candidates.

    Don’t give the GOP one thin dime,
    Consistently 90% of GOP voters said they wanted change at RNC

    111 RNC members just told 90% of the party we don’t care what you say.

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