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The wait is over, and a California judge has released the body camera footage from the night Paul Pelosi was allegedly assaulted with a hammer.

It’s apparent that there were no injuries to Pelosi until police showed up to the door, both men are visibly seen with the alleged intruder wearing shorts, and Pelosi in his underwear, smiling.

Paul Pelosi even has a drink in his hand smiling, while David DePate looks casual in shorts and a long sleeved shirt while holding a hammer…

Paul Pelosi even tries to take the hammer away from him, seemingly shocked that DePape is even holding the hammer to begin with.

The body camera footage captured the officers arriving on the scene and calmly asking DePape and Pelosi what’s going on.

“Everything’s good,” DePate said to the officer. Paul Pelosi looking dazed and confused looks at the officers and echoes what looks to be a drunken “Hi.”

Like a scene from the movie “Police Academy” the officer asks DePape to drop the hammer. To which he replies, “Uh Nope.”

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Not long after that, DePape turns and swings the hammer at Paul Pelosi, the took go down and the police tackle him and a melee ensues.

“Give me your f*cking hand,” an officer is heard yelling while trying to put DePape in handcuffs. You can even hear Paul Pelosi snoring on the body cams after being knocked out. Holy Hell America!

The three-minute 911 call that preceded the attack was also released Friday. Security video of the break-in and a portion of an interview between DePape and police are also expected to be released Friday.

But don’t take our word for it, You can watch the graphic video and decide for yourself America.


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What are your thoughts America? Lovers quarrel or actual intruder and stranger danger? Comment Below!

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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Body Camera Footage Released from Paul Pelosi’s House [GRAPHIC VIDEO]”
  1. Wasn’t even a few lines in and the lies started. I stopped reading at that point. Article claims Paul tried to take the hammer n was shocked of even being there. Yet he was holding the handle just as much as the other dude when the door opened by the other guy seeing as both Paul’s hands were full.

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  5. Didn’t the cops say the security cameras were off to begin with? Once they were forced to release footage, in the surveillance video, Depepe was wearing a tshirt and zipper sweater over it. In the police video at the door, he was wearing a black hoodie. Anyone else think it was so kind of him to let Pelosi put on a button down shirt and pour himself a drink after supposedly waking him up out of bed with a hammer over his head? And that he was almost laughing in the video after not making a big deal about the whole thing on the police call? Being that their hands were full, who else was there to open the door?

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